March 4-5 2023

Daniel Stewart will be returning to Celtic Cross!

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Mimi Benton Dressage Clinic

February 3-5; June 16-18 ; August 11-13; October 13-15; December 15-17



​$115 - 45 Minute Private Lesson

 Mimi Benton Dressage offers dressage lessons up to the FEI level.  She can help you anywhere from entry-level to the FEI level.  Mimi focuses on private lessons for clients.  These one on one lessons help her devote herself to you and only you while you are riding.  This also helps her watch your horse's every move and prevents her from missing something important.  Mimi is more than happy to help you achieve your riding goals!

Mimi Benton grew up in the state of California and her love for horses started at a young age.  With her parent's permission, she would ride as many horses as she could.  At the age of fifteen, she finally got her first horse by convincing her father she was responsible enough to own one but had to pay for everything on her own.  Mimi’s passion and dedication helped her earn the necessary money to own a horse by riding several others.  Mimi would often ride four or five horses after school instead of doing her homework.  She ended up moving to Arkansas when the land she rode on became a new development project for new homes.


In 2013 Mimi earned her USDF (United States Dressage Federation) Bronze Medal on her home-trained Hanoverian Lexington.   Then in 2017, she earned a silver medal her first time out at Prix St. George.  She competed at the US Dressage Finals in 2017 at Prix St. George scoring in the ’60s.  Also at Prix St. George, she competed at the Region 9 Championships getting  Reserve Champion scoring a 68.882%.  In 2018 she began training and working for I-1.  Mimi went to Region 4 Championships and won Training Level with a score of 75% out of twenty-four riders.  She also won Reserve Champion at First Level with a score of 73% also out of twenty-four riders.  Mimi went on to the Dressage National Finals with Wiebekka and placed 3rd with a score of 72% and also scored in the ribbons at First Level with a score of 70%.  In 2017 Mimi attended the Region 9 Championships in Second Level placing 3rd with a score of 67.927% and also in the third level placing 3rd with a score of 66.731%.  Mimi is currently working on adding her USDF Instructor/Training Certificate to her list of achievements.  She has also done several demo rides for the USDF “L” Program.  Mimi has most recently ridden with Lilo Fore, Janet Foye, Lisa Wilcox, Rebecca Rigdon, Lurena Bell, and Kim Koford.  She also recently showed Intermediate with a score of 66% under Lilo Fore.  Training all the GP with her own horse Leo.


Starting young horses is Mimi’s passion and she loves to see the progress from an unhandled foal or yearling to an under saddle two or three years old.  She takes great care in making sure she designs the perfect training program suited for each horse.  Although Mimi has proven to be very accomplished she is continuously trying to better herself and expand her knowledge.  Mimi is constantly hosting clinics and frequently working with other professionals such as Cathy Zappe.  This knowledge and skillset are then passed on to her students/clients to aid in learning and excelling in Dressage.  Whether you’re new to Dressage or want to go to the next level she is here to help you accomplish that goal.  Her hard work and dedication are shown in her achievements and that is what makes her a quality trainer.  Mimi looks forward to working with YOU!