Celtic Cross Equestrian Center in Norman Oklahoma will be having our Open Horse Show Series February - October.

Our Open Horse Show Series will have a Series Year End High Point English, High Point Western, In-Hand and High Point Overall Champion as well as Horse of the Year.  High Point English, Western and In-Hand Champion will receive a silver tray.  Overall will receive a Trophy.  Horse of the Year will receive a plaque.  

Proper attire is not required BUT all English riders must wear a helmet. All competitors must wear shirts with sleeves, long pants, breeches or jodhpurs, with appropriate boots. Western riders are Encouraged to wear a helmet. Trail Class is open to Western or English riders. Classes with less than 3 entries may be combined. Everyone must have a current Coggins. Polite Stallions Only.

The First English class starts at 8:30 am, $25 for the First class and $5 for each additional class.

Hunter Derby

2023 Upcoming Shows:



Derby to consist of 2 rounds of competition with the Hunt and Go format

Standard Hunt and Go Format

a. The Classic Hunter Round, consisting of seven to eight (7-8) fences with two (2) high options, shall be judged on quality, movement, jumping style, manners, and way of going.

b. After the completion of the classic round horses will pick up their pace and pass through a set of markers to begin their handy portion of the class. The Handy Hunter Round, consisting of five to eight (5-8) fences with two (2) high options, shall be judged on quality, movement, jumping style, manners, and way of going. Pace, brilliance, and a shorter track are to be rewarded. A horse/rider may not jump decorations or other obstacles in order to create a shorter track.

c. Two (2) judges are required to judge the class. Each judge will be designated either the Classic Hunter Phase or the Handy Hunter Phase. Each will provide a single score for their designated phase, in addition to the Bonus points of one point per high option jump that will be added to each judging’s score. The scores from each judge will be added together to determine the total score and placement.

d. The Option Bonus Score of one (1) additional point for each higher height option fence jumped must be awarded even if there is a refusal, rail down, or loss of good jumping style at that higher height option fence, providing that the horse- and rider combination does jump the higher height option fence.

f. For the Hunt and Go Format it is recommended that the judge designated to the Classic Hunter phase be the tiebreaker.

Hunter Derby will abide by all USEF Rules for biting and Saddlery.

All riders must wear a helmet and a safety vest.