Horse Trials Schooling Shows

2023 Horse Trials Dates:

June 3

Aug 19

Celtic Cross Equestrian Center is glad to be able to offer Schooling Horse Trials, Combined Test & Dressage Shows at our facility. We look forward to seeing you at our next show.

Celtic Cross Equestrian Center offers the following Divisions:

Grasshopper: USDF 2019 Intro. Level A or B, Maximum Height 12” Arena XC
Introductory: USDF 2019 Intro. Level A, B, or C, Maximum Height 18” Field XC
Starter: USEF 2022 Starter Test, Maximum Height 24”
Beginner Novice: USEF 2022 Beginner Novice Test A or B, Maximum Height 2’7”
Novice: USEF 2022 Novice Test A or B, Maximum Height 2’11”
Training: USEF 2022 Training Test A or B, Maximum Height 3’3” only Available in C/T format 

If you would like to enter one of our shows you can fill out an entry form at the bottom of this page and mail us your entries and payments to 14100 E. Cedar Lane Norman, OK 73026, or Email us your entries to: Make Checks payable to CCEC.  All entries must be completed in their entirety. Payment is due with entry – not considered complete without it.  No telephone entries will be accepted.
For questions, call or text 405-431-9802 or 405-641-6607

Ride Times: Will be posted on Thursday, the week of the show by 3:00 PM on here and via Facebook

Awards: 1st – 6th

USEA Rules will be followed for biting, saddlery, and falls:

Leg wraps/ bandages are permitted in the ring. Riders must wear a hard hat & footwear with heels.

The stadium will be 8 to 10 fences.

XC: Grasshopper - 8 Fences 

Intro - 8-10 Fences 

Starter – 10-12 Fences 

BN - 12-14 Fences 

Novice - 14-16 Fences.

One entry per Horse/Rider combination.  No Entry money returned for rider cancellation of entry after the closing date. Show Management reserves the right to change ride times when deemed necessary to facilitate the timely completion of the show.

All Levels up to Second Level Test Four All Tests ridden in small Arena.